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Upvas Flour (250 gms)


  • This flour is edible for upvas and can be used to make other upvas recipes.
  • Make tasty puris, parathas, rotis or theplas from our unadulterated upvas premix flour and accompany them with our upvas sabzi curries.
  • We are certain that you will not miss wheat rotis after using this upvas premix flour which is healthier than gluten rotis.
  • Make your upvas days interesting and healthier!

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  • This flour is a mix of sabudana, rajgira and samo, that are consumed during upvas.
  • Healthier than wheat flour, rajgira flour aids in weight-loss, boosts bone health and helps in digestion due to its high dietary fiber contents.
  • This flour can be used to make tasty upvas recipes.