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Upvas Masala Crisp (200 gms)


Introducing the Swaminarayan Vegetarian Farali Upvas Masala Crisp – a delectable revelation for Vrat, Upvas, and Ekadashi.

Crafted without onion and garlic, it encapsulates tradition and flavor in a single bite.

Elevate your fasting days with a dash of taste and reverence.

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Step into a world of flavor and devotion with the Swaminarayan Vegetarian Brand’s latest revelation – the Farali Upvas Masala Crisp.

Meticulously curated, this exquisite creation fuses tradition and taste to perfection.

An ode to Vrat, Upvas, and Ekadashi practices, this crisp carries the essence of fasting rituals in every bite.

Crafted without onion and garlic, it symbolizes a profound respect for both dietary customs and spiritual sanctity.

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey that harmonizes tradition and indulgence with the Farali Upvas Masala Crisp